The 6th Annual OVCS Live Auction has come and gone but not without leaving a lasting impression. On April 6th at 5:00 pm auctioneers Tom Troon and son Rob, graciously donated their time and expertise assisting 79 other bidders in reaching an all time high $10,692.33! Thank you so much to the whole Troon Family. Additionally, between food sales and other donations our grand auction total was $11,667.83; a new record! Thank you to all who came out to support the school by donating, bidding, and volunteering. It was a fun night for all involved and we SO look forward to it every year.


Not only did we have financial success, but we had a  number of volunteers that willingly gave of their time and energy. Planning, setting up, and execution of an auction this large is a HUGE undertaking. The people listed below contributed many hours and much effort toward this event. Would you please thank them next time you see them? Without them the auction would not be what it is today. THANK YOU!

Auction Committee:

Amber Milo, Jacqui Gledhill, Jannah Park, Emily Souza, Jenn Smith

Moving Crew:

Dave Parent, Lisa Parent, John Milo, Jack Manning, Roy Woods

Auction Staff:

Tillie Libby, Jennifer Hansen, Leslie Fassnacht, Julie Richards, Ellyn Smith, Christine Hensley, Tabitha Moulton, Ryan Nichols, Meghan Romano, Emily Jones, Jaime Pooler, Ausashia Day, Zoe Hayes, Abby & Shavonne Smith, Cheyanne Cassavant, Erin Levesque, Scott Smith, Gary Briggs, Avontre Tillson





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